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Search Engine Optimisation

Based in East Sussex.
Ranking both Globally and Locally

Improve the authority & visibility of your website to attract more visitors

SEO & Search Marketing

Improve the visibility of your new investment and attract real world visitors who are actively searching for your products and services.

Search Engine Optimisation, SEO for short, is a collection of methods and practices that help to improve the visibility of your brand and attract new customers.

One of the major factors for successful Search Engine Optimisation is the quality of your content, but there is also the requirement of technical expertise to ensure that the health of your website is in order, researching real world search terms and phrases and building the authority of your website through selective, high quality backlinks.

From the early days of SEO (I was there) link building has been an important factor when it comes to getting your website to rank successfully. It was all about getting as many links back to your site as possible.

But the landscape has changed dramatically.

Although many companies still offer this service, it's simply a waste of investment and should be avoided at all costs. A high volume of links from poor websites in 'bad neighbourhoods' can severely damage the ranking and reputation of your website, to the point where you effectively become invisible in the search results.

I'll work with you to achieve a strategy that utilises only high quality back links from relevant sources to improve the visibility of your online brand.

Authoritative Link Building

Improving the authority of your website in the search engine results through high quality link building.

Link building refers to the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own. The more reputable websites that are linking to you, the more Google considers your website an authority in your industry. It takes time to build great backlinks, but the results are undeniable. Our link building strategies have gained our clients significant brand recognition in the search results. High quality, relevant backlinks increase Google ranking positions, which in turn increases traffic and leads.

Creating a strategy to suit your budget

I can work with you as a full time SEO partner, or just help you out with certain aspects of optimising your site.

Firstly, let me be honest. In the spirit of transparency, effective Search Engine Optimisation doesn't come cheap. However, investing in a good SEO strategy can also do amazing things for your online business.

For an effective full localised SEO campaign, you should consider a budget of at least around £500 - £750 a month. I don't hold my clients to any sort of long term contract, but I do recommend that they stick with the project for at least 6-8 months to see any rewards. After that, it's very likely that the monthly costs can be reduced to what I class as a 'maintenance plan'.

If a full search package isn't in your budget right now, it might be possible to break it down into smaller projects. For example, I can start by giving your website a health check. Checking the quality of the underlying code, page speed loading times, hosting neighbourhood and content optimisation. Following on from that we can look into an affordable monthly link building scheme based around localised search phrases, which will require less time and effort than a full national or international campaign.

I've had some terrific success with clients, helping them rank for some exciting keywords and phrases, but one thing to remember with Search Engine Optimisation is there are no guarantees.

Only Google can determine where websites rank. What I can guarantee is that I will only use white-hat techniques and proven methods in an effort to get your site ranking. I'll also be totally upfront and honest, that a good rank isn't going to happen overnight. You should expect a minimum period of 6 months before you start to see any results, although this can often be sooner.


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