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Managed Web Hosting

Fully managed Web Hosting and Server Support

The Benefits of good Web Hosting

Not all Web Hosting is equal, and there are many benefits of investing wisely in your choice of host. Whilst it might be tempting to cut costs and go with the cheapest provider, there will likely be significant downfalls in the service they are providing.

My managed hosting starts from £250 per year (minimum period) which includes ongoing security and maintenance updates.

Not only do you get complete peace of mind, so you can carry on with day to day running of your business, your website takes advantage of great connection speeds, security features, favourable up-time, ongoing software updates and support when you need it. In many cases any issues will be resolved before you even notice them.

Many of my web design clients benefit from an 'under one hood' solution as I design and host their websites (and have done for many years), meaning that I am a single point of contact should any problems arise.

I also host a number of websites that I didn't create, for clients that were just looking for a better solution. If this service interests you then get in touch to discuss your options. Due to vulnerability's and performance issues I do not allow WordPress hosting on my infrastructure.

If your hosting is slow, or even worse suffering from regular downtime, Google will likely penalise your site by dropping it down the rankings. If appearing in the search rankings is vital to the operation of your business, it's important to make sure you are working with a good host.

It also goes without saying, that if you are investing heavily into your Search Engine Optimisation the last thing you want is for prospects to click on your site only to find that it isn't available.

Hosting that compliments your SEO campaign

Reliable and fast hosting is an important part of any SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) campaign.


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