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Managed Web Hosting

Reliable & Fast Web Hosting that your website loves

Many people don't understand the direct relationship between quality web hosting and the success of their website.

Are you looking for a reliable, managed web hosting service? Not all hosting is created equal.

Many website owners invest large amounts of money in their website, but then hold back on their web hosting costs. Cheap hosting can often be slow, unreliable and have a detrimental effect on the performance and success of your website. Poor quality web hosting can result in :

  • Not meeting the web core vitals requirements for SEO
  • Downtime, meaning your website is unavailable
  • Poor user experience due to slow page loading times
  • Lack of backups in case of failure
  • Loss of revenue!
  • Increased number of hacking attempts
  • Slow response times when you need support

Fortunately, the majority of my Web Design and Development clients enjoy reliable, super fast managed web hosting which means they don't have to worry about these issues and can run their business with the peace of mind that their website is available and earning revenue.

My managed web hosting service includes the following:

  • Dedicated server based in a U.K. data center
  • A super fast, redundant, connection to the internet
  • Daily Checks to ensure all services are operational
  • Super fast response times to resolve any issues
  • Nightly Backup and, if required, free restore service
  • Managed Firewall security
  • Regular software and security updates
  • Fully licensed software platform

For now, I am supporting PHP version 5.6 through to 8.0, however there are plans to retire obsolete versions of PHP in the coming months, for security reasons. If you're website is designed to work with an old version of PHP then contact me to discuss your upgrade options.